August 13, 2012

Cherry Jam with Honey and Walnuts

Sometimes you wake up. Sometimes the fall kills you. And sometimes, when you fall, you fly.
Neil Gaiman

Cherry Jam

What to do when you get get painfully stuck between great dreams, big hopes, even bigger desires, and a bit disappointing reality? When the world seems rather unfair, enchained with confusion, but the clock keeps ticking. The future becomes yesterday leaving you sitting in a sullen today with the time dangerously slipping through your fingers. There are still some moments left, and you are eager to hold on to them, but the anxious fear is also right by your shoulder. Like the silly song that you've just heard on the radio - you really did not like it, did not want to remember it, but it keeps on spinning in your head obsessively  like the whirligig.  

Now this whirligig is your dreadful worry - it shakes the whole air around you, holds your breath, closes your eyes, and makes you blindly search for guidance. But you are scattered, so you keep on forcing your way through the doubts rhythmically pounding in your head. Another second, and once again you're at doorstep of surrender. You lean backwards, slowly turn around and here it is - a feeling as if you're being tossed and turned by stormy wind of question. And you don't know anymore whether this is the same starting-point that you took off at the beginning, or is it the result of your suspense?

So what do you do when you get lost in a quicksand of frustration? One option is to fight with it. To hit it back with conviction, determination, and strength. But just as well, you can postpone it until tomorrow, and just go to make a jam? What do you think about that?


Cause it's still summer, even though more only on the calendar. There are still some berries, even though the main stage is getting ready for the apples and pears. Still some cherries, even though it's almost impossible to find them. That means, there is still some hope for a great afternoon leaned over the pot with a boiling jam. No worries, no fear, no fright. Just a perfect aroma evaporating in front of you and involving you into the beauty of stunningly fresh and sweet wild-flour honey. And walnuts, mischievously bitter, but nicely coupling with the overall sweetness.

Cherry Jam

Cherry Jam with Honey and Walnuts

2 lb (1 kg) cherries, washed and pitted
1 cup (220 g) light brown sugar
8 oz (230 g) honey
juice from 1/2 lemon
2/3 cup walnuts, coarsely chopped

In a medium saucepan, combine sugar, honey and lemon juice. Bring to a gentle boil. Then add cherries and once again bring to boil, skimming off any foam.
Lower the heat to medium and simmer for 30-40 minutes.
Add the walnuts, and simmer for another 5-10 minutes.
Ladle into sterilized jars, cover with lids and keep in a dry and dark place. 

Cherry Jam

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  1. papasakok :) naudoji papildomą šviesos šaltinį kokį? jėz, kaip man patinka tos gaivios ir šviesios foto!

    1. oj, žinok nieko daugiau nenaudoju apart šviesos pro langą ir home-made reflektoriaus. Kartais pasiseka pagauti labai dailius saulės spindulius :)

    2. ir labai sekas, sakyčiau :) atrodo, imk ir įsirausk į tą dubenėlį šaukštu, skanu be galo akims.

    3. Dėkui, Jurgita! Labai dėkui už šiltus žodžius :) Šiaip ar taip, aš visgi esu dar tik fotografavimo mokymosi fazėje. tiek daug dar reikia suprasti, perprasti ir įvaldyti... :) na, bet tikėkimės kada nors visa tai ateis :)