January 26, 2012

Frozen Yogurt with Coffee Meringues and Toffees

I am not vegan. And I am not vegetarian, even though the last time that I ate meat was probably more than half a year ago. If only I can choose between eating meat and not eating it I will always stick to the later option, but it does not mean that I would run away screaming either if I was lucky to find any kind of trace of meat on my plate. Especially when I am dinning out.

I wouldn't do that. However, these days more and more often I find myself thinking and then again rethinking my attitude towards meat. What do I think about it? How do I feel about it? Do I want it? Do I even like it? These questions comes and goes, turns around and comes back again to find another place of doubt on my mind.

But I guess it's not the meat itself that worries me the most, but the people and their behavior. When you hear and unwillingly see the enormous indescribable cruelty, unlimited insensibility and immense lack of humanity that's being created with people's hands, or that's hiding behind many sophisticated farms' doors, or that's being reflected in every filthy battery cage compressing so many birds inside that they can barely breath, you start asking yourself what kind of world is this? Does it really have to be like that? Why do we trample upon any kind of sensitivity towards other living being when it's not necessary at all?

frozen yogurt with meringues and toffees2
So, the question is neither about whether to eat meat or not, nor whether to drink milk or not, but more about what's hiding behind what I'm eating?. And I love to know that. I love going to my local farmers market, I love knowing the right people there, I love buying fresh not scalded milk from them, I love being able to find rustic eggs just once in two weeks during the winter season (since the hens are not very productive this time, but the best part is that and nobody actually force them to be), and I love that the woman always keeps one box for me. I love buying carrots unwashed, unsprayed and very earthy, I love those juicy local apples that did not have to spend long hours while traveling in a freezer from Spain, I love that home-made bread baked in an old-fashioned charcoal-burner, and I love that I cannot find any exotic fruits here, because it's simply not the right place and climate for them to be.

I simply love to know what I am putting into my mouth, and then later we can discuss about the health benefits or disadvantages of certain food items. However, I still think that it's way better to eat something natural but maybe without a huge positive impact rather than something partly artificially created with supposed to be healthy aspects (that are not always there). Like dairy. It's not the most beneficial group of products, but I just feel good about my unscalded milk, which later is being heated, transformed into yogurt and eaten for breakfast with delicious granola. Or mixed with something on the hand, frozen  and savoured as a frozen delight.

This time there were some coffee meringues left and toffees that are always here - all together they created great solid flavor, embracing creamy mild tartness form the frozen yogurt, bitterly sweet meringue crunch and chewy toffee bites. However, you can use any kind meringues, even the plain ones will create the necessary crispiness. In that case, the coffee flavor may be obtained  by adding some instant coffee into the yogurt. If the meringues are not the option, you can replace them with any kind of cookies or chocolate bars, whereas the toffees could be substituted with caramel sauce.

last bite

Frozen Yogurt with Toffees and Coffee Meringues

3 cups (720 g) yogurt
1 cup (200 g) brown sugar
1/2 cup toffees (or caramel sauce)
1/2 cup coffee meringues (or just regular ones)

In a bowl, mix yogurt and sugar. Stir until sugar dissolves. Chill the mixture thoroughly in the refrigerator (if you were keeping the yogurt in a fridge for some time then additional 30 minutes will be enough, if not - then maybe you will need an hour). Take the mixture from the fridge and freeze in your ice-cream maker according to the manufacturer's instructions.
During the  last few minutes of churning, add the crushed meringues and toffees (or caramel sauce).

frozen yogurt with meringues and toffees

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